The Plum Tart

HELLS TO THE FRELLING YEAH! I have just finish my book project and sent through the server and paid for that monkey on my back to be printed. I expedited the shipping process because I had this funny feeling that I wasn't going to get my book till Thursday of next week . Which is a little too late.

What you are looking at here is the cover I choose to slap on instead of making it into a hardback book or letting it stay this gross yellow color that lulu will put on for you don't make your own cover. The story is a very abstracted interpretation of the fable Momotaro. In my version there are two sibling one in a peach and one in a plum. The way I wrote the plot out the boy 'Momo' gets kidnapped by the Ogres and his sister Ume has to go and rescue him from his captors, with the help of course from the the miscreants she meets along the way: Griselda a grey toned harpy (who doesn't show her four boobs because she is a lady), Zev the Afghan Hound (he is also ex-general of the Ogre King's army) and finally Ohanzee the monkey (Uakari, CACAJAO CALVUS, to be specific). The monkey works for food and has no loyalty.

The book is 34 Pages long and so much text that I honestly didn't know what to do with most of it. Technically it could be children's book the way I illustrated it, but when you read the story--sweet jesus no! Not for the children!

But it is done. Ok 3 more finals to finish. Coffee anybody?

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