Senior Quarter: Show

For thoes of you that missed the show that I was in a few months back in March ("Threaded Perception"), I thought that I would give you a quick teaser of the pictures I submitted for the show.

Each of the pictures were supposed to be of a person who was sleeping, and also dying at the same time. Which is why I titled the series "Portraits in Passing". Not only were these pieces gigantic, but I didn't have a studio to work in. Luckily my roomy Leng, didn't mind the 10' of wall space that was constantly being taken up by work. Or the mess. My only personal complaint on the whole project was that I wish I was able to expand on the idea of the series and make more pieces. Especially when I got to the end piece (the orange wolf one) I think that I hit my stride. But then I had to hang it for the show. Also my second lack of forsite was size. Luckily I had alot of help transporting and god bless the o-house elevators for working during most of the moving process.
Because of my great photographic taking skill, I don't think that you can really appreciate the scale of the works. Seeing as how the largest one was over 8' tall and my widest was 5'. Best of all I managed to make all of them free standing, which became a great selling point later.