Cleaning: Its way past Spring

Two weeks later, 14oo miles away from the home I once knew. I arrived at my new home in Millbury, MA. Most of you know the circumstances of my stay here. For thoes of you that don't: This is my new rent free studio/bedroom. All I have to do it clean it up and trick it out. Over the phone it seemed a simple enough task. Reality soon proved a more dastardly foe.

There is actually a bed under all junk on the right hand side
There is also a couch under that mound of assorted junk

You might be able to see it, there is a closet on that right vertical thingy

Sure it might be slightly dirty, unsanitary, and terribly out of style; but the rent it free and as soon as I clean it all out--I can live in this once-a-rat-hole!
These are the "before" photos, perhaps in a month the "after" photos will also appear.
For all parties involved, I should hope so.