New Book Idea

I want to work on a new book, since my last one was complete crap. I want to do it without words. Because lets face it, my writing leaves much to be desired. Which means the pictures are going to have to be bomb-ass! This new book is going to be a take off of a scene from Return to Oz. I want the new book to be the story of Oz taken from the point of view of a little girl sent to a mental institution. I think that I want to title it, Ozmandi Aslyum (or something of the sort).

This is a pre-sketch of how I want my flying monkeys to look.

Since I've had some free time *ackhem* I made up some faces of my crazy monkey-like patients
And some presketchs of:
The Tin Man (in either a wheel chair or an Iron Lung)

The Calgary Lion (an African guy with blond hair and a blond beard, could I think of anything cooler?)
The Scare Crow (Or a guy named "Crow" with alot of scars "scar Crow")
I haven't thought of what Dorthy will look like or even Toto, but I do have some great ideas for the "Wicked witch of the Ward". . .