Still Lifes: round one

Last week I came upon a recollection as I was at the beginning stages of my next big series: I can't paint. Which makes it rather difficult to be working on three simultaneous series when they are all acrylic works. Therefore, the series(plural) will just have to take a back seat as I paint a bunch of simple still lifes to get back into the swing of manipulating the paint.

Since coffee makes up 93% of my blood, why not have my still lifes feature my favorite vice? If I was a crackhead I'd probably paint the syringes. In any case this is what I got accomplished this week trying to recall how the paint works.

8x10" Acrylic

8x10" Acrylic *that sand is from Oahu, HI*

8x10" Acrylic *I made that cup out of gas-fired stoneware, so its break proof.*
One thing I learn this week was how to make a pallet full of acrylic paints last two days in open air. The trick? Acrylic retardant + glazing medium +light misting of water = oil grade blendable paint, that can be washed off with water.