Sketch book sketches

Most people when traveling around Europe for six weeks would be inspired by all the ancient architecture or guilded wonders of old regiemes. Not me! No sir! I sketched a few things that killed the time, but for the most part I became inspired to draw characters for a new book and it is way more amazing than any of my other ideas.

The book will be about a Panda who is very shy and scared of trying new things. In the book the Panda will learn how to wash her hands from her various and eclectic friends (all of with have very different ideas for washing themselves). And who are inspired by my own assorted friends and family. A great quote I once heard was "Write about what you know. Unless you are a galactic assassin who kills for pay, then don't write about it." All I'm doing with the story is putting animal faces on the people I love best. And not telling them which character they are in the book.

Here is what I have so far:

Obviously I haven't gotten to the turn around stage for the characters yet, but I think that you can see where the cast is heading. Minus the few that I have yet to sketch up (like the Peacock and a better version of White Fox)