Process continued. . .

First I have found that if I tone the canvas a vibrant color, then it helps set the mood as the piece develops its self

Then I start filling in the black, or the negative space.

Next I started to add the white tones of the masked men, and it helps the creepy feeling

Then to make the princess' flesh, I toned the areas that I wanted to paint.

Then I establish a lighting source. Directly overhead. I was trying to make it look like a stage production of a dream I had about this piece

Ok so, this is when the picture took a drastic turn, since the Polaroid is painted on. I was woken up in the middle of the night by an epiphany dealing with glazes and acrylic, and the entire time I was having this lucid dream-like epiphany, the area I wanted to paint had a Polaroid frame floating around it. I awoke and traced around a Polaroid that I had and began glazing away.

Here I'm trying to mix the stark white of the Polaroid into the very dark imagery around it. I really need to get better models of breasts, and thighs. Colonel Sanders where are you when I need you?!