My roomate turned me on to this website: http://shirt.woot.com/

Every Thursday they have a derby (contest) and a theme for designing T-shirts on their website.

Last week was 'Nightmares':

I got 73rd place

This week's theme is 'Palindromes':

So far I'm in 50th place, and the voting ends on Thursday at noon (CT).

The top 3 designs get made into a shirts, and the artist can earn $1000 or keep the royalties to the work and get $500 upfront.

I'll admit, I'm not the best at working digitally, but I think this might be a good opportunity at working on a fast turnaround deadline, and on a limited pallet (no more than 8 colors). Plus I get to play with photoshop, which is not something I prefer, but in this day and age is very necessary.

I placed 65th for one big reason--image on yellow. Personally I love the color yellow. It reminds me of summer, old peoples houses and liquor stores. However the biggest complaint I got from the voters on Woot was that the illustration was on yellow. So I posted other colors that the image would work on without loosing anything. Lessons to keep in mind for the next derby