2 Handed Mockery of Passion

Eric Fischl (http://www.ericfischl.com/index.htm) is my new icon. Him and John Singer Sargent Sargent painted "Madame X". Both painting gurus in their own right.

Right now I'm moistening over Eric Fischl, because of his bedroom series. Albeit an old series; It inspires me to work on more of the art I love: taboo genera. Once Fischl painted a boy masturbating in a kiddie pool ("Sleepwalker"). I know that had some people very upset. Oh to be a fly on that gallery wall.

So this season's picture, in the genera of "Looking at this makes me uncomfortable", features an older gentleman sitting ever so intimately next to a significantly younger gentleman on a bed.

I removed almost all furniture or anything that could establish that they are in a certain bedroom. Well rather, I was establishing the utter vagueness of this piece.

Are the lines prison bars? Are they blinds? Why is that old man leaning in all creepy like? Has the younger gentleman solicited services to the older gentleman? Is it even a bed that they are sitting on? These are questions I wanted to raise, well that and an eyebrow.

Mostly this post is for me to have a reference for the steps I need to paint. Since the Polaroid, painting turned out swell I thought that I'd try to follow the same steps again and see how well the image turned out. The Key, is a good drawing, and a superb transfer. Neither of which happened this time, but there is always canvas and even more paint.