Chinese Zodiac

This weeks Woot! theme was the "Chinese Zodiac".

Originally I was going to do a See N' Say of zodiac animals, but after seeing 5 other versions of the same idea, in the first 24hrs, I went with a drastically different plan--brush painting. One thing that surprised me was how difficult it was to capture an animals essence in only a few strokes. The Pig, Rat, Monkey and Tiger were by far the hardest subject I've ever had to paint thus far.

There's tuna in your coffee!

Woohoo! I got 37th place (out of 122). It seems that my more simpler style change was appreciated more than my overly complicated morose illustrations. The biggest complaint was that I made the tiger too much the focus of the shirt. Little do they know its the year of the tiger and I was born under the tiger sign. Sooo scoff on them! Personally I think that the design needs some tweaking on a few animals. I really wanted to do a huge streak of color across the design, I just did't seem to pull it off though.