Glow In The Dark, Munny

So I only wanted to slit my wrists a few times during the extent of this project.

Basically I took a DIY Munny from and it just so happened to be glow-in -the-dark. Then I took spray paint and covered up all the glowing attributes till it was as dark as sin. Which isnt that dark. Then little by little I carved out all the negative space until I achieved something that wasn't quite what I started out towards.

Originally he was supposed to me Masai Munny, the African Hunting Demon. However in all the pattern carving, he ended up looking more like a Japanese woodblock print, so I just ran with it and used NOH-masks as references for the face, and then the flower motifs fell into place. Ta-dah!

Sammur-munny, Glowing Warlord of DOOm!

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