Coffee Cozy Couture Creature

Je-Budd-Ah bless my mother and all her efforts, but sometimes her idea of "thinking outside of the box", is not the same idea. So when I asked her to make me some insulation for my French Press, she made me a visually pleasing but ultimately, dull coffee cozy.

(see, boring right?)

So I took matters in my own hands and went to the sketchbook and created something so obnoxious and complicated I just had to love it.

(stitchery in progress)

To answer any concerns at this point, Yes I do know how to sew. There was one summer where I had to teach 200 screaming girls how to sew pillows by hand. They all hated sewing after that project, but I got better at hand stitching.

At this point you can start to see the "feathers" developing. I won't lie, most of the material for this project comes from an excessive surplus in exotic underwear and dishrags.

Its like a sexy coffee strip tease


Doesn't he/it look ferocious? My goal was to create a monster that would guard my coffee from the evil forces that live in my kitchen and make things cold before they can be enjoyed. Bastard Frost Ghosts!

Coffee pouring made awesome!

Now I just need to design something to keep my butt warm when I have sit on the toilet at night.