Commets Please!

So this is my new Logo design, for myself ". I'm selling the idea that my name { DOUGLAND } is a place, a crazy mystical place, or Satan's Tea Room. I haven't fully come to terms with the Union staff on that arrangement. In any case, I'm liking the bottom left, b/c the lines in red, show up well. but the bottom right has that tidbit of red that pops! Oh the decisions.


The old pallet was soooo yesterday's news. Today is is all about the candies.

If I could do flash, or knew some one who could; my website intro would be of this kid rowing in a vast sea, and out on the horizon an island appears, and as the boy get closer to the island, the "trees" rotate around to reveal eyes, and then the islands stands up to show a scary island crab thing that proceeds to fix his gaze on the boy in his tiny row boat. But this is of course if I knew flash.

And thats where my logo came from.

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