Mini-Mini Munny: Foo Dog-Dark version

I finally got some spare time to take photos of this lil guy. And here he is, "Foo Dog - dark version". Unfortunatly the bright version is still under mental construction, so for now enjoy the allure that is before you.

He's a combination of a new technique on vinyl that I'm trying. It utalizes my love of carving in combination with spray paint, acrylic glazes, color pencil and lots of ozone destroying aerosol: spray matte coat. The smells take me back--to about last week; which is about as far as I can remember.

By why tell you when I can show you?


These last two photos make use of rubber cement as a masking fluid. Unfortunately the effect did not achieve the results I had wanted. I re-sprayed, however I was having "missing camera" issues. But I plan to re-attempt this final effect that was utilized on Foo Dog -Dark. Until that post, stay tuned for pretty thing to come.

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