Owl-Cat: Custom Mini Trikky Munny

Behold, Owl-Cat (not to be confused with Cat-Owl)

Owl-Cat is a cat cross dressing owl. From a young age, Owl always felt more like a cat than an Owl. Unfortunately at night, his true nature still shines through.

I fell pretty keen on this piece since the goal was to turn this character over from start to finish in less than 3 days. Minus some Photoshopping, of photos and a fun poster, I achieved my goal. I've tackled each of these vinyl characters in a different medium or technique to achieve the best, and ultimately most efficient system of making awesomeness.

And as a lucky treat for those of you who dare to care; I found the missing camera, so I was able to take a few process photos:

The key to Owl-Cat's fast turnover was to utilize spray paint and add small subtle details to fill in the missing deliciousness.

For about a day Cat-Owl sat around like this till I could figure out something to do to his skin to make is less "static" aka boring.

It actually took a several coats of spray paint till I got the best face possible, and even still I had to touch up with color pencil, and glazes

Towards the end I added a zipper sculpted from 'Magic-Sculpt' (http://www.magicsculp.com/faq's.htm) and spraypainted and attached it to the maint torso. Unfortunatly I attached it crookedly, so I had to use LOTS of cover-up and rouge to hide my opps.


Finally the photo-sexy-take-off-your-clothes and look pretty time.

Closing thoughts: I have to buy my housemate more Magic-Sculpt. For me Magic-Sculpt works better than Sculpty, since you DO NOT HAVE TO BAKE IT. It air dries, almost overnight. Ergo, new LOVE

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