She-sassin Munny: finished

You remember back when?

Me neither. It was a crazy summer here. Hence my She-sassin (aka female assassin) got put on a back burner till I had time to redo the parts of her that were falling off. In any case she is complete. A tad more African American than I initially intended making. But look at that face! love is colorblind! She's gorgeous and you know it too!

And as always process photos:

Initially this is a glow-in-the-dark Munny by KidRobot. I washed, spray primed and used cheap black paint and pink Krylon plastic paint

I started out the designs like this. I used vine charcoal on the pink area and white colored pencil on the dark areas.

Now this munny I tried to see if I could complete with no pre-sketches and just a bunch of reference sitting around. Yeah it did not work do well.

And this (above) is where the munny stopped for about three months and sat on a shelf as I reluctantly called the project a failure. Due inpart to the poor choice in spray paint. When spray painting, always spray with "Sandable" primber. If you can't sand it, then its going to sluff off. Also when choosing a brand, look for paint cans with enamel or plastic for the base color. They will not rub off so easily, but be warned they act as a skin. So they can peel off if you are too rough with them.

Then rather recently I sucked in my gut, acetone-ed the entire money and pulled all the paint off, since it was falling off anyways I was not at an inconvience to do so.

I then re-spray painted the Munny using better spray paint and a better technique and re-carved all my previous designs out, and left some of my less bright ideas stay hidden in the layers of spray paint.

Here you can see where some of the carve lines overlapped

Obviouly my re-painting worked. but there were a few spots where I became a litte too carve happy and I needed to fix it. And learning from my previous mistakes, I re painted the spots I messed up on, again.

Masking off the safe areas.

and ta-dah!

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