Interior decorating for the Cardboard box

Almost two months since my last post and I'm still living like a gypsy, a nomad, a wino on the streets of Paris. Despite the fact that I'm fighting off the rats from eating my gesso, I'm still trying to find time to keep the brushes wet.

Here's my own personal Wailing Wall. Its funny when I moved, I had a box of clothes, a box of paints, and a box of unfinished canvases. And a laptop. . .

These are the last two paintings I was working on for 2010

A portrait of a friend's dear and deceased dog. Gold it difficult to photograph, but the background and parts of the fur are gold acrylic. I thought the reflective color would make the image seem more alive.

And a self portrait. I still have some finishing touches. Mostly I was playing with a new painting technique of glazes and a wet on wet under painting.

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