Oranges: Panel No.3

This post has been long overdue. Lets just say this last panel was one of the most frustrating paintings that I have had to finish as of recently. Let me give you a breakdown of the amplifying magnitue of frustration on this project. 

First, I wanted to make my life hell by painting all the little shavings I saved from cutting the mustache 

It was building up pretty fast and reminding me of a J.S. Sargent Painting, and then I began to have my brain infested by snowpeas and baby corn. . .

And after about three weeks of fighting this painting, I scrapped it.


After a few days of pouting, I re attacked the picture and the subject, this time making it simpler. 

Right about here is where I hit another pot hole. I couldn't get the style of light to match with the previous panels

Eventually I got tired of fighting this piece and started smearing van dyke brown all over the place. And wouldnt you know, IT WORKED!

This panel is still too orange as compared to the previous pieces, but considering it took me 3 days to paint the first and second panel and three weeks to paint the last one, its understandable to say the least, that I lost my original enthusiastic optimism for the series. 

Either way, here is the final image of panel No. 3, "The Mustache". 

Look forward to my next series of posts: "Wonton Watercolor Waistlines"

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