Teddy Red: Custom Vinyl Munny

ROAR! This Project has been a long time comming to completetion. Originally I wante to see If I could create a Munny using only found items. Short of some materials I already owned, Teddy Rex is sucessfully made of found and recycled items. 

When I started this project it was a therapeutic time killer as I survived my second winter on the Cape. Aka this was a project to combat cabin fever. 

This was pretty much my nightly ritual with Teddy Rex

Now to the Progress Photos

Thanks to Drunken Zebra for the Munny Design Board

I had to cut his tail off to make his butt sit right in the fur costume

 How many times do you spot coffee cups in the background?

Josh K. Making out with the early stages of Teddy Rex

Teddy got REAL drunk that night, clearly!

 This was my original face design for Teddy Rex. I was misinformed by my internal muse

Then Teddy Sat unfinished on a shelf in my studio for about three months until I was watching Adventure Time on Saturday Morning and I was inspired by a soul sucking demon. 


Unexpected boo!

Like it? Feel free to visit Teddy and all his other friends at Etsy.com

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