Anna Jude: Elfin Portrait and her kin

 I wanted to paint something that would fit this eerie frame that I found at the Good Will shop up the street.
The frame was a personalized engraved frame of some child named "Anna-Jude who was born in 1981. But there was no photo. The lack of photo got me instantly thinking of what I could put in the frame. And then I found a scrap of board that fit in the frame and VOILA!

My Anna Jude is actually about the birds in the woman's hands. The robins are named "Anna" and "Jude". The woman is their mother and she is complex: beautiful but dark, young but old. Much like a nice port. Perhaps I will name her "Portisha and Kin: Anna and Jude"

Portisha and Kin: Anna and Jude

4x6 Acrylic

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