Mu Guai: Monkey Warrior of Happiness

I've been playing with more flat collage style of painting lately and incorporates much spray paint and more vibrant colors than my usual pallet. In lu of this experiment I thought I've revisit a house favorite "Mu Guai".

Mu Guai is a baboon from the Mu family. The Mu are in charge of spreading happiness across the kingdom via the Imperial decree. Now Guai is unique in his family in that he had his eye stolen by a one eyed tiger. In a later story Mu Guai stole the tiger's eye in  vengeance. As Mu Guai says "an eye for an eye makes the tiger go blind" 

That should give you enough back story to explain the painting. 

12" x 18" acrylic and spray paint on Yupo paper. 

Enjoy the progress photos

so I woke up early to finish this and I was so determined that I forgot to take progress photos. 
Thus explaining the jump in steps. But you get the idea.