Free Book

I wanted to pass the work around that my first eBook is available for download--FREE!!!

Titled "Sketch-ed, a look inside my head"

"Doug Land is a seemingly unknown illustrator with a wonderful sense of personal narration. This short, twenty page book features art from the sketchbooks of Doug Land as he traveled from teenage angst into the toga cloth of college life, and steadily into a nine to five job that ended with a battle from Unemployment. In the book he describes the backdrop for many of the sketches, as they serve as a visual biography for his rich personal history. The book ends as all good books do: with a monkey holding a sword. The book is a free to download and available for sharing, in an attempt to spread his name far and wide."

Now most of you don't have eReaders, worry not--I don't either, but I found that Adobe has a solution

Adobe Digital Editions

Its an easy download for the reader and and even easier download for the book.

My Book (the publisher) tells me that if the book passes inspection that the book will be available for the Barnes & Noble eStore and the Amazon Kindle. 

Let me know what you think!