Tiger's Eye Scroll: Panel 2

Welcome back to the second installment of
Mu Guai and the Tiger's Eye. 

Starting from the bottom left, the Horse known as Xhip Xhip (*pronounced Z-ip Z-ip), is getting dressed in formal war garment and heading towards the Ship. The Mu Brothers pile onto the ship and embark on their quest across the sea towards Tiger Island.

Yes that is a narwhal.

To understand these pictures better, each time you see a cloud, a period of time passes. Instead of making a boxy graphic novel, I wanted to layer the action scenes of the story one on top of one another. That way the sequences flow into one another propelling the viewer across the page. 

See if you can Identify which Mu brother is riding which animal. I will clue you in that Mu Sun Wu, is an arrogant monkey and pops up multiple time is this image. 

Hold your horses till Next week when I post the next installment of