Tiger's Eye Scroll: Panel One

This is the first of nine panels which describe how The Happiness Warrior, Mu Guai, came to posses a Tiger's eye. 

In this panel, Mu Babou (the old monkey), decrees an order to the Five Brother's Mu. Their quest is to capture the stolen treasure on Tiger Island. 

Important Characters to the Story: 

Mu Pal Zu (The oldest brother with the smallest hair piece. He rides the Deer)
Mu Sun Wu (His hair looks like a rising sun. He Rides the Llama)
Mu Yin (Has a bone/ crecent Moon in his hair. He rides the Boar)
Mu Gus (The *special* brother who is smelling the worm. He rides a giant Guinea Pig)
Mu Guai (The Happiness Warrior, he rides the Horse, not featured in this panel)

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