Kid Robot Contest: Munny Entry

This year, my entry into the contest was rather rushed. I found out on a Thursday nite and had an entry ready to photograph by Monday nite.  Did I mention I work three jobs? Needless to say I pulled one of the characters from the Mu Guai stories and fashioned him into vinyl. 

meet, Mu Xi Ziu (Monkey Turtle-beak)

Vote for Him 

After stumbling upon a book of costumes used in the Chinese Opera; which features elaborate and inspiring illustrations of outfits and their symbolism. I fashioned a character using a "King's Royal Armor" and a "Court Executioner" costumes. 

The Golden Banana, is based of a Tao Lin ceremonial sword. And the symbols depict the Orion constellation, also known as the Turtle Beak constellation. I snuck in a few icons of the Wind orchid that is in bloom in the house right now. Which I still swear smells like beer. 

Enjoy the progress photos:

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