New York Toy Show

I was recently commissioned by Maxim Enterprises, Inc to create a custom character for their new DIY wooden toy series.  

They sent me two character to mock up

I submitted to them the idea of a Princess frog and they requested "that Monkey character" (aka Mu Guai)

One late Friday after work and I sent them my concepts:

Princess Frog
and Mu Guai

Surprisingly they approved the idea, maybe they sloppy sketches were kid friendly enough. 

Next I got busy sketching the actual designs out. 

Next came the paint layers

Oh NO! he's falling!

Eventually I finished the two characters.  Which Makes it sound like it was so easy. However these two were not with out some major toils and troubles, but what is life with out some "fun"?

At last I re-packaged the characters and sent them back to home base (Maxim Enterprises head quarters) where I await anxiously, for them to photograph and market my two creations.

She looks naked without her wig

I re-appropriated some of the original parts of the character into more monkey like features. 

You can see the glamour shots photos at the top, but if you are lazy here they are again: