The Cinnabar Samurai

"The Cinnabar Samurai descends upon the Moonlit Village"

As I uncover the dust that has accumulated on the Book of Mu, I cam across an unfinished painting about Toko, The Cinnabar Samurai, and Mu Guai's Mortal enemy. It seemed like a good time as any to finally finish the painting. 


The whole scene started out as colored craft paper and a pallet knife. 

A little photo editing, and the scene starts to shape up. 

 At one point I had an idea of fuzzy tiger-like caterpillars eating away the scene, and menacing boats in the harbor. 

As I let the scene sit on my harddrive, I developed the background story on the Toko the Cinnabar Samurai. This involved him living on the moon, controlling vast swarms of insects, and chasing Princess Moti around. 

 Toko, The Cinnabar Samurai, is not merely a red clad menace, but is instead inspired from the Cinnabar Moth, ergo the ominous moth that is looming above the town

The next few images are mostly just playing with the subtle shifts in color, shadows, and the number of bugs. 

About this point I realized that the Moonlit Village was it's name, not just an adjective.


Toko rides giant waterbugs into the harbor. 

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