Sea Monster vs Zebra round 3

Powerful forces have combined to make: my logo!!!

Now some of you may remember when I started this project back in . . . well a while ago. (

but for those of you who don't remember, my name is Doug Land. My creations are from my brain, ergo the Island of Doug, aka Doudland. Which is where my logo finds its roots.

This is how the logo started off, crappy but mostly good shapes.

Then I made the shapes digital and tried my hands at coloring the shapes.
My color choices were less than ideal, or practical, or rational. $50 later and a new color handeling program . . .

Then miracles happened, Sea Monsters worked with Zebras to make this:

Now to explain things, I am a Sea Monster, and my cohort in crime is a Zebra. Any questions? I draw, and she brings life to my dead drawings.

Way back when, I wanted to use my logo like an island and have strategically placed monsters in the background. But now it seems a bit to cluttered.

So then I tried black and white, and it helps but I think the banner is still a bit too much.

Now that the logo is made, now I start branding the hell out of myself and finally get my lame website made into artistic greatness.

Time and money is all I need. Well and some more coffee, and probably some milk to follow through. And then I'll be all set to create.

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